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  • "Extraordinary! Cascadia offers a tremendously rewarding experience. Another Day in Paradise: The Handbook of Retirement Income shows you what retirement income must accomplish and ways you can achieve these objectives. It illustrates these retirement income generation methods with over 200 figures in a book readable by anyone.  All this requires a supremely talented book designer and typesetter to not only make this happen but to do so beautifully, with clarity and ease of understanding. Cascadia provided such a superstar in Brad. Marla's handsome dustjacket, Richard's impeccable copyediting, Michelle's adroit project management, and Ben's wisdom, guidance, and connections made this author's journey immensely satisfying. While I have been previously published by a mainstream publisher (John Wiley & Sons), I chose to self-publish this book with Cascadia's help in order to precisely customize it—and am glad I did. Partnering with Cascadia was a grand and enjoyable adventure. Many thanks to Cascadia for making this author's vision come true!"

    Jeffrey K. Dellinger, Another Day in Paradise: The Handbook of Retirement Income
  • "From our first conversation, I was impressed by their tailored approach to each author's unique needs and requirements. Cascadia's extensive network and their proactive search for compelling new stories were also major draws for me. Additionally, their responsiveness to my queries greatly enhanced my confidence, solidifying my decision that they were the ideal partner for publishing my book. Their excellent communication reassured me that I had made the right choice. The Cascadia team was instrumental; couldn't have done it without all of you."

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    Ghazanfar Iqbal, Bytes Beyond Borders: The Odyssey of a Pakistani Expatpreneur
  • "The level of service was exceptional. All aspects for publishing my book were covered. From development and copy editing to book design and marketing helped me create a better book that is positioned very well to sell many copies of it. The communication was excellent. I understood the steps to be taken and the timeline to expect. I highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking for assistance in the publication and promotion of their book."

    Jeff Baldassari, author of From Associate to Ambassador: The Distinctive Skills Every Law Firm Associate Must Master to Enjoy an Exceptional Career
  • “Having built a successful business, I wanted to share all the hard lessons I’d learned along the way – but I felt overwhelmed at the sheer amount of material I could draw from. And then I started working with Cascadia. First my author coach helped me figure out exactly what I wanted to say in my book, then helped me sift through all my notes to show how best to create a solid book outline with practical points that built logically – and then to illustrate each point with a funny, poignant or pithy example from my career. The book was great fun to write, and then my Cascadia editor showed me all the ways to make it even better – ensuring good flow, clarity of ideas and overall readability. Finally, the production folks were amazing at taking a Word document and transforming it into a book. At every stage, my Cascadia teammates were friendly, helpful and extremely knowledgeable. These folks are experts at what they do and I couldn’t have asked for better support.”

    Joel Primus, author of Getting Naked: The Bare Necessities of Entrepreneurship and Start-Ups
  • “Ben and his team were a complete pleasure to work with on my book. They helped me at every stage of the book and I benefited immensely from their experience and expertise. I used the book to market my services as a financial advisor, and the feedback from readers was so positive, and my results so successful, that I received more client requests than I could handle and had to start turning potential clients away! I would highly recommend Cascadia for any of your writing needs.”

    Jamal Khan, author of Total Financial Independence
  • "My experience with Cascadia Author Services was facilitated and made easy by Kailey Salisbury. Kailey is extremely thorough, a concise and precise communicator, and extremely supportive of this first-time author. I would highly recommend both her and Cascadia for any author’s publishing needs. I feel Cascadia not only has an excellent suite of author services, but first-rate professionals as well."

    David R. Serra, author of The Journal
  • “Cascadia’s marketing team, under Judith’s leadership, has been a Godsend to me. In just six months, they have produced multiple videos for my four books and got me on eight TV, podcast, and radio interviews. My fourth book, “American Christianity Black Liberation White Legalism”, spent a week and a half as the number 1 book on Amazon’s best-seller list in the category of Christian Liberation. And number 3 in the category of Christian Liberation Theology. The team works very hard, keeps me informed, and meets with me monthly via Zoom to go over industry data and new directions. On the publication side, Kailey is equally impressive. Her vast knowledge of Amazon KDP and IngramSpark took all of my anxiety and fear away. These people don’t just do it for you, they also teach you how to do it for yourself, something I am eternally grateful to them for. God Bless.”

    For Pastor Williams' full success story breakdown, click here.

    Pastor Owen Williams, author of American Christianity
  • "Cascadia Author Services met and more often exceeded my expectations in working with a professional company to help me self-publish my latest book on sleep. Having self-published two sleep books more than 20 years ago on insomnia and on nightmares, I anticipated more to contend with in publishing this larger and more comprehensive work, Life Saving Sleep. Indeed, the questions arose so fast and furiously, I started losing sleep just dreaming about (or was it nightmares?) all the ramifications. The remarkable thing about Cascadia is their capacity to answer all questions with accuracy, detail, and in a timely manner. It was as if I was conducting a search online, and then every click yielded best answers or perfect info as the very first response. Better still, they supplied all kinds of information I had not even realized I should have been asking about.  Supremely professional organization and staff. Recommend highly and already planning to work with them on my next book!"

    Barry Krakow, MD, author of Life Saving Sleep: New Horizons in Mental Health
  • "When I retired, I decided to write a thriller novel. And I would write it in English, even though my first language was Swedish. At first, I was proud of how my story turned out, but as I started working on the sequel, my English improved, and I soon realized I desperately needed a professional editor for both books. Cascadia Author Services was highly recommended, and I signed on for an evaluation by their editor extraordinaire, Michelle Balfour. I was genuinely impressed. She made significant contributions to crafting my thriller masterpiece. I can't tell you enough how those edits helped strengthen my story. I promptly signed up for more of their services, stylistic editing, copy editing, cover design, and marketing support. It was a pleasure working with a team where everyone was an expert at what they did and also helpful, friendly, and highly knowledgeable. I learned more from Kailey and Marcelo than I had ever dreamt of and signed up for the same services for the sequel. (Successfully published in June 2023). I highly recommend this extremely professional organization and staff. I have found a home for my books."

    Ulla Håkanson, author of The Price of Silence and Flight Across Waters
  • “Using Cascadia Author Services proved invaluable for me as an author and as an instructor with a busy training schedule. Truth is, I could not have done it without their help and ongoing guidance. I was particularly impressed with their start-to-finish process; their step-by-step procedures made the entire process easy for me to handle with my daily tight schedule. Although everyone involved was helpful, my project manager Michelle was not only helpful but also very responsive to my questions, saving me lots of invaluable time. Being in the seminar business, I often sell books in person, and Cascadia made this process easy. I also use Cascadia for their expertise in launching my books through social media, along with their knowledge regarding marketing campaigns. Thank you, Cascadia, for the part you played in making my books a reality!”

    Rob Vivian, author of Expecting Awesome Daily
  • “From one-dimensional to brilliant! This is how I can describe my manuscript from its initial state to now, after Cascadia Author Services professionals, both editors and artists, have improved its presentation and content. From the time I submitted the manuscript to Cascadia until it came back rearranged, easier to read and with great suggestions, the improvement was absolutely amazing! Starting with an eye-catching front cover followed with a narrative nonfiction story that has been streamlined and made much more interesting, I am more confident than ever that my book will hit the shelves with a bang! Thank you, Cascadia!”

    Ben Maure, author of Leading at the Edge (IPPY Silver Medal Award Winner)
  • Cascadia Author Services provided me with exceptional service, advice, and guidance.

    As I was approaching retirement, following a lengthy and rewarding career as a professional architect, I had this notion of authoring a book, as a retirement project. I already had considerable technical writing experience, which was something I enjoyed, so how could a novel be vastly different? First mistake.

    As a professional, I have always supported the idea of obtaining professional advice in areas outside my own expertise. Such was the case when I wandered blindly into a tall cornfield of incomplete and unpublished manuscripts. I soon realized that I was lost in a corn maze. That's when I asked Ben Coles to come to my rescue. He did just that, not only offering encouragement, but providing a roadmap to escape the maze and get back on the yellow brick road. With Michelle as my guide, Claire as my coach to ensure that I avoided the potholes and Kailey as my cheerleader, I was able to complete Billy's Place. I could not have done it without this fantastic team.

    James Dykes
  • “What I like about Cascadia is that they are smart, savvy and knowledgeable in areas where I am not – that is, they are totally absorbed in the world of publishing and books and how to connect with readers through digital media and marketing. As a new indie author, I am still taking baby steps and so Cascadia is hugely helpful in making recommendations about where to go to get my books out there and how to do it right. I like that they speak with confidence and have very clear ideas of what needs to be done next so that I can keep on writing. Everyone tells me that it’s a marathon not a sprint, and that you have to take the time to do your research before you run hard. I definitely consider Cascadia to be a strong asset in enabling me to do that.”

    Martin Humphreys, author of Can’t Buy Me Love
  • “Cascadia Author Services made my first book more than possible–it has made it shine. You will know what I mean by looking at the book reviews on Amazon (Intro and a few chapters are free, too). You will find Bennett Coles wrote the most beautiful blurb for this book if you scan through the first few pages.

    But you still won’t know who did the heavy lifting behind the scenes. Michelle Balfour was the developmental and line editor. I can’t say enough about her working with a new author like me because one has to be there to know it. So, if you are serious about writing a book that people will take seriously, Cascadia Author Services will help you do that.”

    Cheng Wang, author of From Tea to Coffee: The Journey of an “Educated Youth.
  • “I was genuinely impressed with all of the team at Cascadia. Their support was outstanding through every phase of creating my book. In particular, they really listened to my ideas about cover design and produced not only exactly what I wanted, but also exactly what the book needed. Their expertise on what makes an effective cover was communicated to me in a professional, supportive and patient way. Every stage of editing and book production felt like a friendly collaboration. Even months after my book launched, and I succeeded in getting the book accepted into the biggest bookstore chain in the UK, the Cascadia team was there to provide expert guidance and advice as I navigated the bookstore distribution labyrinth. An author couldn’t ask for a better industry partner than Cascadia Author Services. I highly recommend them.”

    Ian McBeath, author of Going Coastal
  • “My manuscript has been accepted for publication by Worthy Press!
    I couldn’t have done it without you guys.”

    Gail Baker, author of Matzah Balls to Communion Wafers
  • “The team was outstanding, especially my knowledgeable project manager who patiently and professionally walked me through the entire process. As a first time author, I was very fearful of the whole process but she did a terrific job easing all my concerns. If I write another book, I know Cascadia will be my first choice. I will also make sure I pass on to my friends who are thinking of writing a book the broad capabilities of your company.”

    George Maliekal, author of Replanted
  • "As someone new to both writing and publishing, I did my research. I found Cascadia when I searched for legal disclaimers for books. Their blog was so useful, and the team responded to my questions without pressuring me. I found great value in the knowledge they shared, and then when I was ready to sign on, they let me do it at my own pace, picking and choosing the right packages for me. The Cascadia team helped me upload my book to IngramSpark choosing the right keywords and categories that I would not have had the expertise to do myself. They were the perfect fit, and their customer service was excellent. I would definitely work with this team again, and now that I'm published, I know where to come for marketing support."

    Sunita Devi Alves
  • “Cascadia’s team helped me navigate the traditional publishing world and guided me through the process of in-depth marketing of my books. When I first looked at additional book marketing, I was overwhelmed – there’s just so much out there to consider! But the Cascadia team brought real expertise to the table. They became my initial front-line marketing team, even as they prepared me to take over the majority of the book marketing as the final goal. They overhauled my website and all my social media, taught me how to blog efficiently, and helped me really identify who my target audience is for my various genres. Cascadia is friendly, flexible, supportive, and always looking out for my best interests. Now I feel more confident doing a lot of the online marketing work myself, but I’ll still rely on my Cascadia friends to give continuing professional guidance and to help steer my marketing efforts in a dynamic world.”

    Sara Dahmen, author of the “Flats Junction” series
  • “I have been working with the folks at Cascadia Author Services for the past six years. They have helped me with editing, proof reading, formatting, illustrating, and marketing, to name a few. These services helped me successfully launch my saga “The Prophecy”, including “The Crest”, “The Emerald” and “The Destiny”. I am truly grateful for their enduring support and remarkable and varied talents. I constantly recommend Cascadia Author Services to anyone who asks.”

    Jerena Tobiasen, winner of the 2020 Canada Book Award, 2020 Independent Press Award, 2020 Next Generation Indie Book Award, and the 2021 Hemingway Award for 20th Century Wartime Fiction
  • “I found everyone at Cascadia to be very mindful throughout the process, especially my editor, Michelle, who was the most supportive, helpful, encouraging, dedicated and responsive editor I’ve encountered. I published my first book through a different publisher, but now having discovered Cascadia, I’m going to ask Michelle and Cascadia to help me with my third book, and the fourth when it’s complete.”

    Lawrence Matrick, author of The Quisling
  • “I have had the opportunity to work with the Cascadia marketing team on marketing my books. The team took me step by step through the procedure, proving themselves very knowledgeable and very easy to work with. In particular, Lyda’s level of expertise is excellent and she is an outstanding communicator. It has been a privilege working with her.”

    John Gillgren, author of The Treasure of Cathedral Tower

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