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Relish in the joy of creating a book, without feeling overwhelmed, and without getting bogged down by how much there is to learn about writing a good book!

Our vision is to connect time-pressed people who wish to write a high-impact book with reputable publishing professionals who love to develop exceptional books.

This means you can write the book you know you should, in half the time, for twice the return.

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What do you get with Cascadia’s Book Concierge service?


We believe that every person involved in the making of a powerful book has a vital role to play.

From coaches to ghostwriters, sharp editors, attentive designers, and expert book marketing consultants, we’re 100% committed to delivering the very best for your life-changing book.

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Here at Cascadia, we LOVE books!

Since 2016, our team of experienced and friendly professionals having been helping bring the joy of books into the author’s experience, so you can have a lot of fun without feeling overwhelmed by how much there is to learn about making books that sell.

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You're An Expert In Your Industry. We’re Experts In Everything Publishing. Together, Your Book Will Shine.

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