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Meet the Cascadia Team

There Are 250+ Tasks Required To Publish a Professional Grade Book & We’re Experts In Every One Of Them

At Cascadia, we’re a little book-mad. We’ve worked in the publishing industry for a whopping 100+ years combined. We’re all experienced authors and publishing experts, so we know precisely how invigorating – and tough! – writing a book can be.

We love entrepreneurial authors, and we love seeing the joy our authors experience when they finally see their hard-earned books marching onto – and off – those shelves. You, our authors, are the driving force behind Cascadia.

For your book, only a team of book LOVERS will do!

Meet Our Book-Loving Team!

  • Bennett R. Coles

    Founder, Ghostwriter, Editor

    Author of: Dark Star Rising, Fog of War, Winds of Marque, March of War, Twenty Excellent Reasons, Ghosts of War, Virtues of War

    Bennett is an award-winning author of six books published through Harper Collins (New York) and Titan Publishing Group (London). He is also the publisher at Promontory Press, editor for multiple bestselling authors (including a New York Times bestseller), ghostwriter for various CEOs and politicians, and the founder of Cascadia Author Services.

    With decades of valuable experience in both the traditional and self-publishing worlds, Bennett works tirelessly to guide and support fellow authors along their own paths to success.

  • Harry Wallett

    Managing Director

    Harry joined the Cascadia team in September 2022 to continue building on their success in the publishing industry. He has a decade of experience as Managing Director for Relay Publishing, which has sold over 3 million copies of books in all genres for its authors, and looks after a team of 50+ industry professionals working across the world.

    Harry is inspired by the process of book creation. He’s passionate about the stories and characters behind the prose. Harry loves working with the writers and has shepherded 1000s of titles to publication over the years. He knows first-hand what it takes to not only create an unputdownable book, but also how to get it into the hands of the right readers for success.

  • Michelle Robinson

    Director of Operations & Senior Editor

    Michelle is often the first person our authors work with, as she guides them through the many stages of editing, production, and distribution. She knows that every book is unique, and in today’s publishing world that means that each book has its own unique path to publication: Michelle believes in helping authors decide what route works best for them. Her years of experience in the publishing industry have taken her into the fields of literary magazines, traditional publishing, hybrid publishing, self-publishing, freelance writing, and editing. She holds her Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and Publishing.

  • Judith Sanvicente

    Director of Marketing

    A graduate of the University of Victoria MBA program, Judith has many years of experience in business development, entrepreneurship, and multinational work. Judith specializes in connecting authors with the right experts to help them reach their goals.

  • Kailey Salisbury

    Project Manager & Publishing Consultant

    Kailey has been passionate about books since childhood and has worked with them in various capacities ever since. She holds a Master's Degree in Publishing from Western Colorado University and has collaborated closely with best-selling authors for many years to edit, write, and publish a diverse range of projects. Kailey is a firm believer that everyone has a story to tell, and she takes great joy in providing writers with the necessary tools they need to publish their works.

  • Lauren Manoy

    Author Representative

    Lauren is an award-winning author with 20 years of publishing experience in both editorial and production roles, and she holds a BA in Graphic Design. She loves to share her passion for publishing with new and aspiring writers to demystify the process and help them make the best choices for their books.

  • Ryan Anthony Williams

    Multimedia & Web Designer

    Ryan has been developing websites, web apps, and motion graphics for over 20 years. He graduated from Humber College with honors in Multimedia Design & Technical Production in 2004. Ryan now uses his knowledge and skills to support new authors in developing a website and helping them to manage it.

    Ryan is a teacher of all things web. He’s always willing to provide support, advice, and technical know-how to make your journey easy and stress-free.

  • Heidi (H.G.) Bells

    Ghostwriter, Editor

    Author of: Sleep Over, Duck, Coping Mechanisms, Monday Matinee Madness, Mirror Twenty-Two, Seven of Seven of Seven

    Heidi is a film-school-trained screenwriter with multiple book-to-script adaptations and original scripts to her credit. Her passion for fostering a good writing craft is plain to see. She enjoys giving talks, hosting workshops, and moderating large writing forums all around the Pacific Rim.

    As a traditional author, Heidi specializes in the intersection between science fiction, horror, and fantasy – a fact that many of her business-book clients say has prepared her well for business ghostwriting!

  • Marla Thompson

    Senior Designer

    As an avid book reader and award-winning graphic designer for over 20 years, Marla combines both loves into one fulfilling career. She’s found her niche in author-related design, creating exciting and meaningful book covers with sleek interior formatting.

    Marla understands that amidst the myriad of book covers in every genre, a great cover needs to stand out and grab the reader from the very start. She’s a graduate of UMASS with a BA in communications and advertising, and she was part-owner of an advertising and design firm in Indianapolis alongside two other talented women.

  • Iryna Spica

    Senior Designer

    Iryna has been designing books for more than 30 years, and has always been at the leading edge of technology and trends for cover design, typesetting, interior layout, and eBooks. She is well-versed in studies that show consumers spend an average of eight seconds looking at a book cover before moving on – her goal is to beat that average with every cover her team creates.

    Iryna also understands that reading is more than just information gathering. It should be a pleasurable experience, with an easy-to-read interior using the right design elements, layout, and fonts for the intended subject matter and genre.