Personalized Author Services

Books Transcend The Course Of Time

Books are powerful communication tools.

They give you the power to make meaningful connections with valuable people all over the world, so you can become a leading voice in your chosen field.

Why Should You Write A Book?

Books Are An Incredible Marketing Tool

The beauty of books is their capacity to live their own lives once published. When you publish a book with Cascadia Author Services, you’re automating your impact in a way that stretches well beyond the confines of the time you have.

Your book is an outlet for you to share your knowledge with those who you can make a real and lasting impression on while you’re off doing other things.

  • If your book is a personal project, you’ll enjoy an inspirational outlet that lets you feel heard, and gives your heart a voice.
  • If your book is part of your business, the knock-on effect of writing a powerful book is an indisputable voice of authority, which lifts your sales and magnetizes premium clients into your business for years to come.