Design and Layout
Readers Do Judge Books by Their Covers

And that’s fine with us—we work with some of the best designers around.

Does the idea of putting your book onto an actual bookshelf excite and terrify you in equal measure?

  • Are you comfortable with slugs?
  • Does a bleed make you want to tuck yourself up and run away?
  • Are you familiar with swimming lines, point sets, and the miniscule nature of 0.3528mm?
  • Did you design the cover yourself?
  • Will it wrap correctly?
  • Have you remembered to include enough blank pages for the print run?

Designing a professional grade book, inside and out, is a complex process. But it doesn’t have to be…

Beautiful Covers To Stand Out on The Shelf

We Make Books That Sell Easily & Look Fantastic!

Cascadia Author Services is dedicated to creating books that jump off the shelf, and keep your readers happy with well-placed interiors that feel comfortable on the eye.

Cover design

Cover design is the process of creating the all-important cover that serves as the book’s first impression. All covers are custom designed for each individual book. You’re welcome to offer as much direction as desired toward cover design and the designer will create three initial concepts for you to choose from. At least one concept will incorporate your direction, and the designer may offer an alternative cover idea with at least one concept. You’ll select one concept to be further developed into the cover, and after that concept has been developed and re-presented, you have two additional opportunities to request changes. The final cover will be given to you in print-ready, PDF format.


Typesetting is the creation of the interior of the book, and includes the proper layout of text, titles and subtitles, chapter headings, title pages and “opening pages” such as copyright, dedication, author’s note, etc. The typesetter will see the cover design and will create a sample chapter, including chapter headings and standard text pages, for you to consider. You’ll approve, and after that sample has been developed and re-presented, you have an additional opportunities to request changes. The final interior will be given to you in print-ready, PDF format.

Ebook Conversion

To be sold as an ebook, a completed book needs to be converted into ePub file in order to be read on any e-reader. The creation process includes the complete interior and the front cover of the book, and the converted files are thoroughly checked for formatting errors which may have been created in the conversion. All files are tested on live e-readers as part of the quality control. You’ll be given the ebook in both ePub and mobi formats, and may request one set of corrections for any errors.

Our Comprehensive Book Layout & Design Package takes care of your book, inside and out.
  • Custom Interior Design, to structure your book with a logical layout
  • Typesetting, to avoid loose characters
  • Formatting, to ensure your book works when you print it
  • Cover Design, because people really do just buy the cover
  • eBook Conversion, to reach a modern market on any device

Give your book the best possible start without running into costly mistakes that can hurt your wallet, or harming your credibility.

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The Premium Book Design & Distribution Bundle
Makes Selling Your Book A Dream

At Cascadia Author Services, we understand how time consuming your dream of publishing a book can be, even before you start learning how the book industry works, or uncovering the many hidden nick-knacks of the publishing world.

Let us take care of it for you, so you can get your book published and off your mind without procrastinating indefinitely, or wasting countless hours trying to figure it all out for yourself.

The Premium Book Design & Distribution Bundle Includes:
  • Full Interior Design & Typesetting
  • A Gorgeous Cover Design
  • Compelling Book Descriptions For Your Cover & Sales Pages
  • Direction on ISBN Assignment and Technical Support
  • eBook Conversion for Kindle and eReaders
  • Distribution to Core Channels including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, & Kobo
  • Genuine & Positive Reviews
  • Press Kit
  • Ad Management
You’ll Also Get:
  • 500 Printed Paperbacks, worth $2,500
  • Author Website Creation, worth $3,000
  • Social Media Account Setup & Starting Content, worth $2,500

The Premium Book Design & Distribution Bundle Includes $24,000 In Value

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