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Publishing a book encapsulates your mind into a single, well-structured and digestible piece of work.

Why do many successful people publish a book?

For hundreds of years, books have been the number one way to make meaningful connections with a receptive audience.

Best of all: they don’t require you to give up your precious time to be present for every interaction. Books work while you sleep. Imagine hundreds or thousands of you, out in the world, telling your story, 24/7. 

Books are a competitive moat. They’re hard to do well, so your competitors won’t even try. You can be the man or woman who literally wrote the book on your area of expertise. 

Whatever is holding you back, Cascadia is here to empower you with knowledge and support, with a sense of belonging in a warm team that boasts over 100 years’ combined experience in supporting people on one of life’s greatest adventures – writing a book!

Books are still one of the most powerful mediums to communicate ideas and establish indisputable authority in a field, boosting your reach and stature. But publishing isn’t a quick and easy process—nor should it be, or everyone would do it! A professional grade book takes 250+ individual tasks to complete. Cascadia is an expert in every single one of them. Do you want to harness our expertise to launch your book into the stratosphere?

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