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A professionally edited book is the difference between the book you make, and the book that makes you – because it’s nearly impossible to see the full potential in something brilliant while you’re working on it from the inside.

Every book deserves an edit

Our Professional Editors Level-Up Your Manuscript

Every book in the world that makes it onto a bestseller list has been professionally edited by somebody other than the author. Editing is an essential part of producing a quality book, because little mistakes can be costly, and there is no point writing a book that doesn’t reach its full potential.

  • We offer three styles of editing, which should be done in sequence: developmental, line and copyediting.
  • All books should go through all three processes once your manuscript draft is complete, but you may pick and choose your editing services to suit your individual journey if you would like to.

Manuscript Evaluation

  • An evaluation includes a complete read-through of the manuscript by a professional editor followed by a detailed report on the strengths and weaknesses of the work, with examples to illustrate.
  • The editor will make both general and specific recommendations on how to improve the manuscript in structural, stylistic and grammatical aspects.
  • If a manuscript is longer than 100,000 words when received by the editor, a charge of $5 per extra 1000 words will be added.

Book A Manuscript Evaluation, $499

Developmental Editing

  • Your already-strong manuscript gets kneaded and stretched by a developmental editor to emphasize the core themes for a much stronger book. Some parts of your manuscript may be restructured or moved around, while others are built-out to develop their detail, or cut from your book entirely.
  • Think of this like rearranging the furniture in your home.
  • You need to see all of your furniture together first, then you can arrange your home to make your space beautiful. Our developmental editor will look at the components of your completed manuscript, then re-arrange the existing pieces to make your book more powerful.
  • Developmental editing focuses on the structure and style of a manuscript, and is intended to highlight the overall strengths and weaknesses of the presentation of the ideas in the work (not the ideas themselves). This service includes a complete, detailed read of the manuscript and editorial comments, mark-ups and suggestions at a concept level. The editor will be looking specifically at the logical flow of ideas/plot, the consistency of narrative voice and point-of-view, the relevance of secondary ideas/subplots/characters (depending on the genre of work) and the overall integration of the manuscript as a consistent, united work. You may pose questions via email to the editor for up to two weeks after the content edit is completed.

Book A Developmental Edit, From $0.049/word

Line Editing

  • Once your manuscript is everything it should be, our eagle-eyed editor will go through each character of your text, line by line, to add sparkle.
  • Line editing focuses flow and style of the book to ensure your meaning is presented in the most effective way. It is intended to bring to life a work which is already considered structurally sound.
  • This service includes a complete, detailed read of the manuscript and editorial comments, mark-ups and suggestions at a word-by-word level. The editor will be looking specifically for awkward phrasing, incorrect word usage, and overall flow. You may pose questions via email to the editor for up to two weeks after the copy edit is completed.

Book A Line Edit, From $0.039/word


  • Readers always spot your mistakes, so the final edit is always done by a fresh pair of eyes.
  • A dedicated copy editor will read your book, slowly, and carefully. We’ll catch any typos, and we’ll look for silly mistakes which can be missed easily when you’re working on the same manuscript for any length of time.
  • The editor will be looking specifically for any spelling or grammatical errors, consistency of formatting, and correct referencing of third-party material. You may pose questions via email to the editor for up to one week after the edit is completed.

Book A Copyedit, From $0.029/word

Professional Editing Reduces The Risk Of Reputational Damage

There’s nothing worse than picking up your freshly-published paperback, and spotting a mistake that you wish you had have picked up sooner. If you’re reading your finished book thinking some parts could be stronger, then it’s most likely that your readers will too, which damages your reputation as a credible author.

The Comprehensive Editing Package Takes The Stress Away.

You’ll Get:
  • Full Developmental Editing for Up To 70,000 Words, to bring the best out of your book
  • Creative Line Editing by an elite editor, to elevate the pitch and tone
  • Focused Copyediting, to catch any silly mistakes

Bought Separately, The Comprehensive Editing Package Is Valued At $9,000

Start Your Journey Today, Just $7,997

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