Unleashing Literary Flames: Award-Winning Author TK Riggins Keeps Readers Coming Back for More with 7-Book Series

by Harry Wallett

In the vast realm of literature, success often seems elusive—a flicker of lightning in a bottle. However, for the enigmatic TK Riggins, success is a meticulously crafted masterpiece, a narrative woven into the very fabric of his writing career.

TK Riggins presenting at a school library in Vancouver, BC

In 2017, Riggins ignited his journey with the self-publication of “How to Set the World on Fire“, a young adult fantasy that set the literary landscape ablaze. This debut not only soared to victory at the Chanticleer International Book Awards but laid the foundation for a gripping series that would captivate readers for years to come.

“A fast-paced, magical, and beautifully penned Young Adult novel packed full of familiar plots and engaging characters, How to Set the World on Fire, will have you beggin for more from debut author, T.K. Riggins.” 

Chanticleer Reviews

Six years later, in 2023, he has self-published another five books, with the series’ seventh, climatic instalment forthcoming. Through it all, the popularity of his stories hasn’t flagged: the series has maintained a solid 4.5-star average, and can still place in the Top Ten of its extremely-competitive Amazon categories.

How was this possible to achieve, and better yet, maintain? By ensuring every book received the same professional care to editing, design, distribution, and marketing as his first book.   

Cascadia was one of the author services I considered, but I ended up choosing them for many reasons: they offer multiple services, they package their services into affordable bundles, they’re Canadian, and they offered sensible answers to the many questions I hounded them with. Choosing them turned out to be pretty easy for my first novel, but they made it even easier for me to keep coming back for the other books in my series too, because they’ve continued to deliver.

TK Riggins

Production Strategy:

Cascadia has supported the How to Set the World on Fire series as a team by:

  • Creating a rapport between author and editor, to receive the same editorial treatment for each book.
  • Providing a cover designer to use for all books, creating a “series brand.” 
  • Keeping a style sheet for the series, so that all typesets and eBooks have visual consistency.
  • Producing effective book metadata that connects each book.
  • Working with the author to ensure each book launch is hassle-free across all desired platforms.

“The quality of the structural edits, the attention to detail in the proofreads, and the creativity in producing covers that meet my vision are a few of the reasons I continue to take advantage of their services. They’ve guided me through the process of turning my imperfect pages into professional novels, while still allowing me control over the end products. They are a perfect complement for self-published authors like myself, and I whole-heartedly recommend them to other authors looking for similar services.”

TK Riggins

The Series:

The How To Set The World On Fire series follows Kase Garrick on his quest to be the greatest warrior of all time. As Kase grows throughout each story, his skills, relationships and responsibilities evolve significantly.

The world is divided because of unjust prejudices, powerful enemies, and immoral leadership. The only way for Kase to set it on fire, and make an impact, is to apply what he learned at The Academy: to look past people’s differences and become stronger through unity.

What is something useful about self-publication that you have learned through Cascadia over the course of your series?

In one word: support. Friends and family have positively influenced my writing journey, but my writing process began as a lonely hobby. Having someone care about my story was one thing, but the careful considerations and suggestions from the team at Cascadia turned my drafts into a collaboration that I’m proud of. 

The team at Cascadia helped me polish the rough edges, but they also allowed the beauty of the story to shine through. I didn’t think it would be a group effort, but my novels have become stronger because of the efforts of the skilled team at Cascadia

TK Riggins

5* Reviews

As T.K. Riggins celebrates another anniversary of his literary journey, the flames of success continue to burn brightly. The series stands as a testament to the fusion of creativity and professionalism, a tale where every chapter is a masterpiece, meticulously sculpted with the expert hands of Cascadia. In the ever-evolving landscape of self-publishing, TK Riggins and Cascadia have not only set the world on fire but have crafted a blazing trail for aspiring authors to follow. Cheers to a year of literary brilliance, and may the flames of success continue to illuminate the path ahead.

T.K. Riggins is the author of the fantasy series How To Set The World On Fire. Originally from the Midwest, he grew up in a small city where handshakes seal deals, friendships last a lifetime, and hard work pays off. After moving to the west coast, his career took flight. His BSc in Mechanical Engineering opened the door for technical writing, but he quickly shifted gears to write fiction instead. He’s been able to take a classic fantasy setting and add a modern twist, creating a world and story all his own.To connect with T.K. Riggins online, visit www.tkriggins.com

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