Books Without Borders: Launching Johanna Crawford’s Book at Frankfurt Book Fair 2023

by Harry Wallett

Last week marked a significant milestone for Cascadia at the renowned Frankfurt Book Fair, the world’s largest trade fair for books and publishing. This year, we had the honor of representing author Johanna Crawford and her groundbreaking book, ‘It Takes a Woman to Empower Women’, connecting with a global audience from over 100 countries.

Collaborative Success

Our journey to Frankfurt was a collaborative effort, partnering with a New York-based company to showcase Johanna’s work. This partnership enabled us to provide a dedicated booth for Johanna, offering a platform for her to engage with her audience directly.

Behind the Scenes and Frontline Exposure

The fair was a whirlwind of activity. We organized a series of interviews, video, and photo shoots with Johanna. The material, soon to be received from our talented photographer and videographer, captured the essence of the event and Johanna’s compelling presence.

A Launch to Remember

Johanna’s book launch was nothing short of a triumph. We engaged in productive discussions with agents, audiobook producers, and representatives from government organizations. These interactions were pivotal in pitching Johanna’s book to new markets and exploring opportunities for emerging authors.

Emotional Connections and New Opportunities

A highlight of our visit was our interaction at the Hong Kong booth. The meeting with Sharon, the Executive Director, was profoundly moving. Johanna’s narrative of aiding abused women and her mission resonated deeply, bringing Sharon to tears. This emotional exchange has opened doors to potential opportunities in the Hong Kong market, a development we’re eagerly pursuing.

Expanding Horizons

Our engagement at the fair wasn’t limited to Johanna’s book. We explored various distribution channels for diverse genres, including Sci-Fi and children’s literature. Additionally, we’ve now partnered with a provider of website accessibility services, aligning with the upcoming mandatory requirements, ensuring our digital content is accessible to all.

Looking Ahead

The Frankfurt Book Fair was more than just a platform for book launches and networking. It was a testament to the power of storytelling and its ability to connect hearts and minds across borders. For Cascadia, it was a step forward in our mission to bring diverse, impactful stories to the world stage.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from our journey, and join us as we continue to explore new horizons in the world of publishing.

This experience at the Frankfurt Book Fair has not only broadened our horizons but also deepened our commitment to empowering voices that need to be heard. We’re excited for what the future holds and are grateful for the opportunities to make a difference in the literary world.

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